Getting paid

So I’ve been doing a bit of web design work lately, and offering substantial discounts for referrals.

And I’ve encountered some truly awful existing websites, and some hilariously terrible ‘web design’ companies

And I thought my pricing structure was fair, but perhaps I’m not asking enough, as I’ve just encountered two design firms, offering what I would deem quite mediochre stuff.

One company advertises a very basic, static, template-style, ‘four-page’ site for $500.00. We assume their regular sites cost much, much more.***

The other company does not provide pricing details on their site, but a disgruntled reviewer claims they charge upward of $200.00 per hour, and a typical small business site can cost over $7,500.00

Both design firms have quite ugly home sites —
which I refuse to list here. One of them even has flash crap plastered all over, and brags about it!

The other has a color scheme and button-style navigation somewhat reminiscent of geocities..

Yeah, I’m pissed off

***Update: I searched their site a bit more, and their prices for a ‘regular’ site, with lots of flash and stuff, start at @$1,000.00, or @$80.00 per hour.
I’m still cheaper. And better.

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