Religious Belief and Violence in the Middle East

Superstition is killing us.

Belief in a ‘Supreme Being’ is not the problem — it’s the brainwashing which results from the process of organized religion.

If so-called religious leaders really believed in what they spout, they would be the ones blowing themselves up, ‘for the cause’

Religious indoctrination is dangerously insidious because it engenders a schizoid manner of thought.

Religious Belief and Violence in the Middle East

The practice of people believing (or not believing) whatever they want constitutes an inalienable freedom. However, respecting one’s personal expression of belief doesn’t necessarily mean that we should respect the beliefs themselves or the violent actions that result from them. Who says we shouldn’t confront and question beliefs that trigger or cause violence action? It describes one thing to say that people have a right to exist, but since when do beliefs in-themselves have that right? Instead of respecting the beliefs over the lives of people, how about respecting people over beliefs? Respect people, not their beliefs. Many freethinkers have submitted the idea that if we inoculate against dangerous beliefs, then the violence resulting from those beliefs will diminish.

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