The BBC’s anti-FOSS bias

Umm. Hello? Have you jackasses never heard of Linux? Don’t you know 70% of the world’s supercomputers run on Linux? Don’t you know about no-brainer Linux installs, such as Ubuntu and Mepis? Have you never heard of live linux cds, such as Knoppix, which are frequently used to rescue data, and even restore crashed Windoze systems?

Why is it that the Beeb rarely, if ever, mentions Linux or, indeed, any FOSS (Free Open Source Software)?

Oh, Macs are decent computers, no doubt, but they are not the only ‘other’ choice. And Linux will run on Macs, too, btw.


BBC NEWS | Technology | Web perils advise switch to Macs

Meanwhile, some Mac users are discovering Linux

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  1. azahar says:

    Wow, that article was a load of crap, wasn’t it? Seen this?

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