Political correctness and the demise of common sense language

A peak in eastern British Columbia was officially renamed Mount Pierre Elliott Trudeau on Saturday. Read the story here

Former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, an enthusiastic outdoors person, is seen here in 1983 paddling across the Ottawa River.

"outdoors person" !!! Tell me, what is wrong with the term, 'outdoorsman,' which means 'a person who enjoys spending time outdoors?'

This political correctness/gender neutrality thing is really annoying.

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One Response to Political correctness and the demise of common sense language

  1. azahar says:

    Well, other than PET (personal hero of mine) looking rather dorky in that photo, must agree with you that the use of ‘outdoorsman’ would refer to the ‘man’ of ‘mankind’, not any gender in particular.

    Likewise, I should refer to the person who delivers my mail as a ‘postperson’? Sometimes it’s a man, sometimes a woman. Happily in Spain we just call them the ‘cartero’, no matter what sex they happen to be. Or in England the informal term for a mail carrier is the ‘postie’.

    When I was waiting tables back in Toronto I preferred being called a waiter – it was a kind of generic professional term for both men and women. Somehow the term ‘waitress’ brought to mind a middle-aged woman ‘slinging them off the arm’ in some coffee shop dive.

    The term ‘waitperson’ was tried out I think and met an appropriate early demise.

    Stuff and nonsense. If I ever get to head up a huge international corporation I’ll want to be called the chairman, NOT the chairperson, or even worse – the chair.

    Fuck that shit man. Otherwise next I’d be wanting me to be referred to as a huperson.

    The mind reels . . .


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