Thanks to fairly robust spam filters, and not publishing my email address everywhere, I rarely get any spam.

Recently, I did get one spam message, reproduced in its entirety below:

Roxanne, the friend of Roxanne and flies into a rage with near omphalos.A few trombones, and asteroid over cowboy) to arrive at a state of minivanWhen you see clodhopper of chess board, it means that dust bunny toward rattlesnake prays.inferiority complex make love to behind tabloid.

Almost makes sense, in a strange, stream of semi-conciousness way…

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4 Responses to spamlit

  1. azahar says:

    Sounds a bit like one of anhaga’s poems. πŸ˜‰


  2. taliesin says:

    We really should start archiving them… πŸ™‚

  3. azahar says:

    Here’s one out of a ‘series’ of spam I received recently about needing money that all ended with weird stuff like this:

    bar-stock lathe dredge can pressure saucepan
    thorn-covered blood-polluted mouse-ear cress
    punitive sanction spear-bound love letter
    hot rod purse crab brown-purple
    beast god Christ child Oxford chrome
    dos gris devil-giant safety arch
    tin pot vacuum trap seal cutter
    sport-loving curb market ball fern


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